Emoji Meanings

Everyone loves Emojis.  They are everywhere: websites, text messages, emails, social media and there are even games based on them.  Guess The Emoji, Find The Emoji, Emoji Pop Quiz and more.  Emoji Meanings is the one place on the internet where you can find the meanings of all the Emojis – single Emojis, groups of Emojis that represent words, sentences, sayings, movie titles, song titles and more.  The Emoji Stories section features complete stories all told by stringing a series of Emojis together.  If you need help finding which ones to use to get across your point, you’re in the right place.  We have answers to virtually every Emoji based game and a full database of definitions.  If you can’t find one here or want us to add one, just hit us up on the Contact page and we’ll add yours and even credit you!

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